E-Motive facilitates the exchanges of knowledge by introducing agents of change (experts) from the South (Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East) to agents of change in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, so they can come to new and better solutions to common problems in both parts of the world



E-Motive was launched in 2006 as one of Oxfam Novib’s innovative projects.

The aim is to link projects in the Netherlands working on civic driven change through exchanges with a range of inspiring methods and rich experiences from organisations in the South. E-Motive exchanges are characterised by mutual benefit: Northern partners learn about new solutions from inspiring Southern professionals, widening their perspective on the Global South and development cooperation and start implementing the method in their context. Southern partners gain international recognition and expand their networks, thereby speeding up the spreading of their methodology. As a result, in the E-Motive exchanges both parties learn from each other and open up their minds with new perspectives and solutions. E-Motive has enabled people and organizations to reflect and learn about different ways of understanding and transforming their reality.

Since 2006, over 80 South-North exchanges have been organized between 30 Dutch and Southern civil society organizations. In 2013, E-Motive was rolled out in Poland and Spain. Each of these countries’ contexts asks for its own E-Motive approach, but all have in common the drive to identify civic driven change solutions to local problems through an exchange between professionals of the South and the North.

E-Motive’s objectives

Mainstream development cooperation is about bringing knowledge and resources from the ‘North’ to the ‘South’. It is often overlooked that people in the Global South have years of experience in, for example, strengthening social fabrics and stimulating active citizenship. We can learn from different, innovative and creative methods that are being implemented elsewhere to solve problems that are in common. E-Motive facilitates exchanges and establishing connections between people and organizations, emphasizing the learning experience from the initiatives of the ‘South’. E-Motive aims to create a judgement-free setting of professional equality and mutual learning and as such the program provides an alternative to the inequality underlying mainstream development cooperation.

E-Motive aims to change the perception of citizens towards their relation to the South/North concepts (from people in need, to valuable professional partners) and their global interconnection. As such, E-motive opens up minds and widens our view of development cooperation: from a ‘giving to’ perspective, to mutual benefit, co-creation and interdependence in which the protagonists are telling their own stories of change.

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