Play the game. Change the game!

What are the rules of the game in a society? And are these rules suitable for the developments reaching us? Do they contribute to the solution to social issues? Or do they form barriers to innovation and transformation? And if so: do you have the guts to change these rules? What is it you then need? How do you hold on to your energy, and get people to join you?

In short: how do you become and stay a game-changer?


This year’s E-Motive Day was held in The Colour Kitchen in Utrecht. More than 150 visitors enjoyed workshops from our international partners from Uganda, Spain, Argentina and Colombia, enjoyed the stories of national partners like Formaat, YiP, Dutch Farm Experience, MOVISIE and more! And of course: everyone had to play the game: how to become (and stay!) a game-changer?


Curious about what happened that very special day?

Have a look at the Prezi…


 …or watch the movie!