10.00     Walk in + registration

10.30     Start program

10.40     Palestine & Israel tête a tête

11.30     4 Masterclasses

13.00     Lunch

14.00     4 Masterclasses

16.00     Harvesting the results and reactions of the day

16.20     Vasanthi Hariprakash - Why am I your host today?

16.30     Simon Hodges - On the importance of storytelling of communicating impact

17.15     The end, drinks + bites


Choose between nine Masterclasses, straight from the practice.

In the masterclasses several projects of E-Motive act as cases. We gathered participants from our projects from all corners of the world to be in Brussels today.

There are three main themes running through our masterclasses, they all answer a different question:

  • Why does E-Motive work? Take a journey down experience lane

  • How does E-Motive work and where can solutions be found?

  • What actually works really well in the E-Motive program?

Read more about the masterclasses!

Let’s connect theory and practice and enjoy interaction!

Speakers and moderator

Vasanthi Hariprakash

Vasanthi anchors social documentaries, moderates panel discussions, trains people & institutions on how to make sense of the media, and has even modeled for a saree brand, but if we had to sum it all up, we could say Vasanthi Hariprakash is a TJ, RJ & Emcee. That’s a television journalist, radio jockey and master of ceremonies at events.

Keynote Simon Hodges - Telling stories for impact: emotionalising information

Do you have difficulties to quantify the impact of your program? What kind of reporting is needed, and what kind of eyes do we need to tell a story? Simon Hodges from Words That Change leads you through the world of possibilities in storytelling. Learn all about using storytelling as a tool to show impact and emotionalise information.


Palestine, Israel & Dutch tête à tête

Formaat (The Netherlands) and Combatants for Peace (Israel /Palestine) show the power of theatre in overcoming conflict. Combatants for Peace uses theatre at the borders of Israel and Palestine. Formaat has learned and applied these techniques to in Rotterdam. What did they learn from working together? And what can you learn from their experiences?

Chen Alon - Tel Aviv

Suliman al-Khatib – Ramallah

Luc op den Beeck - The Netherlands


Congress & Meeting Centre The Egg

Barastraat 175

1070 Brussels, Belgium


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